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Perliss Estate

The Perliss Family has owned their 13 acre knoll in the northernmost reaches of Napa, Calistoga AVA, for over 30 years. It was only in 2008 that Herbert Perliss began considering its potential as a vineyard site. Luckily, he crossed paths with Aaron Pott, who upon seeing the sloping, volcanic plot, surrounded by forest and cooled by costal fog and breezes, thought it was meant to be a vineyard. Aaron planted the 2.7 acre parcel, called The Ravens, entirely to the See clone of Cabernet Sauvignon, and has overseen all of the Perliss wine production through today. The vineyard is organically farmed and tended by hand.


In addition to their Cabernet Sauvignon, The Ravens, Perliss makes a 100% single-vineyard Sémillon called The Serpents. They have pioneered the use of Tuscan terracotta amphorae in their winemaking to allow the sites, varietals, and growing seasons their most pure expressions.

Calistoga & Knights Valley
Aaron Pott
650 cases (In a good year)


Anthony Perliss
(415) 954-2736